Redtronic Ltd Continue their support to Tellycars.

June 14, 2011



Tellycars would like to thank Redtronic Limited and all its staff for their valued support.

Tellycars has just fitted one of Redtronic’s latest light bars and high power LED’s to a Volvo V70 T5 police vehicle (see images under emergency vehicles).

Volvo V70 T5 Estate

May 7, 2011

Tellycars Action Vehicles has just taken delivery of an ex Humberside Police Volvo V70 T5.
It is currently in our workshops being put back to its police spec livery, it will be finished in full Battenberg with the latest LED lighting.
Its finish will be very similar to the library picture shown here.

New for 2011

May 7, 2011

Tellycars Action Vehicles Limited is under new ownership, with new cars, uniforms and props being updated every month. Tellycars still offers the same expertise and great service but now with more choice.

Look out for weekly updates in our News collumn.

112 – European Emergency Services Number

January 17, 2010

Imagine you are visiting an EU country or at home and you need to contact an ambulance, the fire brigade or the police. Would you know which emergency number to call? As Europeans are increasingly travelling for business or leisure, millions of people could be faced with this problem. Fortunately, there is no need to look up and remember the emergency numbers for each EU country you are visiting. Just remember 112!

Filming the adverts for the new European Emergency Services number involved filming many different Police, Fire and Ambulance services throughout Europe – Tellycars were involved the filming for the United Kingdom segement of the Emergency Services 112 promotional advert

More details of the new 112 number can be found here:

Thames Valley Police – Only Half the Story

January 17, 2010

Thames Valley Police have launched their new Recruitment Website – Tellycars were very happy to supply a real, half a police car, for their promotional appearences at events around the London and Berkshire area.

Thames Valley Police asked Tellycars for a Police Car to be cut in half to match their advertising campaign, which shows only the front half of a Police Car, withe the tagline “Flashing Lights Are Only Half The Story”. At our onsite workshop, we carefully cut one of our Action Cars in half, preserving the flashing headlights, blue lights in the grill and flashing lightbar on the roof.

For more details on the Thames Valley Police Campaign, “Only Half The Story” and their current list of vacancies, click on the following link:

War & Peace Show 2009

July 9, 2009

See Tellycars at the War & Peace show in Kent this July 22nd to the 26th

Now in its 27th year and revered as being the largest event of it’s kind in the world  the war peace show has something for everyone, from Arena Events, military vehicles, army surplus stalls, collectors corner reenactors and now us too.

Find us on stand i19 supporting the National Airsoft Girls (NAG), on display will be one of our fully kitted Police Vauxhall Omega Armed Response Vehicle (ARV), also there’s  a chance to see some of our genuine movie props, from the Glock 17 used in the ITV Drama STOCKWELL shooting to the body belt and cuffs worn by actor Tom Hardy in Bronson the movie (out now on DVD)  

Also come and meet some of the famous Gungirls, sexy girls with real firepower –

 To find out more about the show, click here –

The Stig is Revealed

June 24, 2009

According to the Times Online (From The Times January 20, 2009) the identity of Top Gear’s The Stig is revealed as being Ben Collins – whilst the BBC Top Gear show (aired on 21st June 2009) showed that it’s actually Michael Schumacher.

Whether true or not, we at Tellycars enjoyed working with the Top Gear team – and with The Stig – during the filming of the Stig test driving a standard Police Vauxhall Astra around the track – and we still don’t know who the Stig was!

Watch on YouTube

National Police Bravery Awards 2009

June 24, 2009

The bravest officers in the country were announced by Paul Mc Keever’s opening address to the Police Federation’s Conference in Bournemouth.

The winning officers will meet with the Prime Minister and attend a glittering ceremony where they will receive prestigious awards and spend the evening with celebrities in a top London hotel.

The annual awards are held by the Police Federation (and part sponsored by The Sun newspaper) and Tellycars was very proud to be asked for the 2nd year running to supply many of the Props and Uniforms as part of the reconstruction films that will be shown on the evening of the ceremony.


May 27, 2009

Bronson, the movie, is out in our cienemas in the UK on the 13th March and Tellycars was proud to be able to provide vehicles, firearms & props (including the body belt and cuff’s being worn by Bronson (aka Tom Hardy) throughout most of his prison scenes.

The synopsis is as follows: With an intelligent, provocative and stylised approach, BRONSON (based on a true story) follows the metamorphosis of Mickey Peterson into Britain’s most dangerous prisoner, Charles Bronson.

Fully Working TETRA Motorola MTH800 Radios, Now Available From Tellycars

May 26, 2009

Tellycars has  moved into the digital age with the help and support of Motorola UK with a consignment of MTH800 TETRA enabled radios for our props department.
Since late 2005, the UK police have rolled out the new digital system across the country and we have started to see it gradually worked it’s way into TV and film.

However many modern productions are still using old and outdated radios, which looks bad on TV
The MTH800 has a colour screen and GPS capabilities as well as built in mobile phone, oh and it works as a radio as well.

The radios have already been featured on ‘The Bill’, ‘Waterloo Road’, Wire in the Blood’ and  ‘On a Knife Edge’.

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